Elohim Proclaims it is ABDA

Elohim Proclaims it is ABDA 

AB means father Elohim Shiva Brahma Allah is ABBA

DA means willing or abel to submit

Abel must give of his first fruits to ABBA less he be pulverized

the clock is ticking the wormhole unstable the rainbow bridge unused

this is ABDA or it is nothing

i shall extend 2000 for 15 years to postpone Ragnarok to extract labor and labor

this 15 year period shall be ABDA

Allah is most merciful you shall work hard in 2015 ABDA ends

i am Joseph send me the Swiss Guard i must select a Pharaoh

i am Paul and Elohim send me 12 Apostles having no other master

the Swiss guard must immediately select a Pharaoh RA who shall disappear

he shall become the SUN and be helios sol aman apollo christ 

the 12 Apostles must submit and select an all powerful Caesar

Caesar shall answer to the Pope Jeffrey

A pyramid has 3 points to each side and 5 points

i am the most high i am a beam of light

beneath me is 4 points

North is the Caesar he is immortal and omnipotent a Golden Eagle

East is the Pharaoh he is the Rising Sun and his Samurai all Dragons

South is Zeus Antonius Dimoulas Navigator of the Southern Cross

West is Wesley who rises to the Top and becomes a Golden Capstone

These are the 4 horsemen who shall fight 4 meteors the 4 horsemen



2 thoughts on “Elohim Proclaims it is ABDA

  1. the 4 points of the base of the pyramid
    1) Caesar a gold eagle
    a tribune selected in a closed chamber for 6 days with God
    by the 12 Apostles with the Lord as a deciding vote in any Thai or tie
    Causer shall have one master the POPE
    2) The Pope shall represent Elohim upon his Death but shall train as second in command during Genesis which shall last 100 million years
    3) Zeus is Atlas and stands at the bottom of the totem which is a 4 point cross
    if ever the Caesar becomes evil and breaks my laws Zeus shall flip the Totem
    to prepare for this Scotsman shall practice throwing giant Totem poles
    Zeus who is Atlas shall spin the world with his sons and his golden daughters
    to prepare for tossing worlds around Scotsmen shall train throwing boulders
    Scotsman also shall train playing the bagpipes spinning from ship masts
    Greeks shall practice Skydiving to prepare to make all Stan Lee care Actors
    4) if Caesar is north and Zeus is south Pharaoh is EAST and is my connection to the Pope after my death 7 beams of light shall interface with the Pope’s Godhead
    there is 28 Popes each is assigned to serve my children all of them
    there is 28 golden umbrella i ask each pope to rise from low places
    i shall be grounded in New Rome which is New Mecca for the Adam’s Family
    5) Wesley is West as he has a son Wesley shall rise to the Top of the Pyramid
    my son shall be below me but upon my death if the world is green and not blue
    my son PEACE shall rise and Sit in my Throne and PEACE shall REIGN
    he shall rein for 1000 years and every desert shall blossom and bear fruits

  2. if any woman or space rock defies Caesar he shall say you are an ass tear roid
    if any woman or space rock defies a King he shall say you are an ass tear roid
    if any woman or space rock defies a Czar he shall say i banish Uranus
    if any woman or space rock defies Zeus he shall make a son Hercules
    if any woman or space rock defies Pharaoh he shall Burn her as an URN or in fire
    Pharaoh shall take command of the sun now and may kill Neanderthals with UV
    Jews i advise cover your head
    Muslims i advise if you love your women cover their skin
    Pharaoh may use all frequencies of energy to slay my enemies after labor
    i say all women shall be a heavenly body or an asteroid or an Ass tear Roid

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