Elohim Takes the Yucatan Peninsula and Plants His Standard

i shall take 10,000 pen in Sula of the Yuka Tan they shall be called the Yukatan People
or they can be called ” The People ” or ” The 5 Civilized Tribes ” or ” Five Samurai.”
if ever there is trespass in Yuka Tan i shall lift up 10,000 immortal samurai
i shall breath the breath of the Mayans into them and their sword shall have 72 layers
i shall take all Sula gulls eggs in Norway
i shall take all Iran Sula eggs, all Europe Sula eggs, and all Indonesia Sula eggs
i shall take all Me Zen sula eggs of Russia by rushing upon the Mezen as a Dragon
i shall take all Sula eggs in Scotland and in San Pedro Sula in Honduras
i shall freeze hell over in 2270 and increase the Yuka Ten pen in Sula by 10 times
i am the Emperor of emperors and i eat on the Floor
the soul of the Earth is the soil so i dine at your feet and i wash them with my tears


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