Elohim prepares a Stir Fry in his giant Wok

Elohim prepares a Stir Fry in his giant Wok

i am Elohim the chef of chefs 

i am pure iron and i am a Wolf when i cook all life rejoices

Martha Stewart can’t touch this she has cooked enough French Creeps & Crepes

i woke at 2 am ma ma Ann was asleep so i prepared my giant Wok

i am so hungry i use the fine nest in greed Dianne ants by my Will in my Hairy Pot

i tipped the snow peas

i tipped the dirty red tipped snow pee pods of the fill lip penis guard dens

i stripped naked a red onion an oni on my teflon chopping block

i stripped the red onion a pure pull variety i stripped a yellow onion

i chopped 12 carrot medal lions 

i chopped the onions JEW LEE ANN

i added raise sins

i added male lung gay a tree witch cums from Tibet

i added some JEW SEE red pepper and saved every seed to be planted

or eaten in the egg feast festivals

i added some JEW LEE ANN green bell pep purrs into my purr Ring WOK

i sprinkled my salt and pepper on some chicken and montreal seasonings

i am from mount Tree All Canada in Nova Sco Shia i am Allah i arrived as a beam of light and i was famished i could eat an entire Trojan Horse and i shall then i shall shit it out and eat it again 

i yenned and yearned for ANN who was asleep in Mind a Noah so i drew her to me as a butterfly draws a company of bees and butterfly and hummingbirds with a Sharpie Pen

i woke her 

i showed her my prepared feast

i said can you please cook my chick ken 

she said yes

suddenly she had a Princess Nicole and i became happy infinitely happy

then i said not cook this giant stir fry in my giant WOK

and when it is soft add this CUMIN

she is the Rising Sun so i woke her even before the cocks crowed

i do not need to have sex unless anyone asks for it

ask and you shall receive

but regardless of what you ask for

my will shall be done

if i say you shall bear my child you shall become a Mayan



One thought on “Elohim prepares a Stir Fry in his giant Wok

  1. if Martha Stewart does not deliver Jew Leah Child’s to me immediately
    i shall become Arthur the king and stab 1000 Titans with Excaliber
    Arthur he does what he please all of his life he is Masters Toys
    Arthur he takes anything he wants by default since it is already his
    on Toy Story Arthur plays Toy Soldiers and writes true Universal Soldier Movies
    Stewart Little shall stop being a mouse and become a line of Kings in England
    Jack the Ripper shall become Steve Roper and report to my court for sentencing

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