Elohim Offers Bushido

if an asshole stands in your way

cut him in half

this is the rule of assholes bitches and other enemies

love your enemy

i shall award each man two hands, two minds, and two swords

a Samurai shall sculpt his own universe by his service to his master

a Knight shall reap moor than what he sows

fools say faith is all that is required to be saved

this is true butt they miss the point 

A disobedient Samurai shall be saved in a living hell

So yes faith shall save you

but hell is the reward for the man who shall not bend his knees to his master

when a chicken shits we save it

a Protestant was proclaiming i am saved i am saved then i stored him in a toilet

when a pig shits we shall save it

as we are wise we know pig shit shall eventually lead to award winning Pumpkins

thus England and Japan shall have men of war all Immortal

but he who picks up a sword shall die by the sword

immortals shall slay demons in hell for 7007 years 

immortals shall chase their own shadows and they are called demons 

you shall find if you suck on dungeon and dragon pieces you do get lead poisoning

this may place you with your head in a toilet vomiting

as the devil fucks your ass

This is called WAR

Warfarin of rat poison shall be for the Portugal man of WAR

for the Peacemaker his Castle shall be called Paradise


2 thoughts on “Elohim Offers Bushido

  1. coffee is for the peacemaker
    Arabic coffee is superior when trying to locate peace and gold deposits
    Arabic coffee shall make a tall prayer tower stand erect for many centuries
    this is why Muslims can have 4 wives for i forgive them for making many erect towers
    cough fee is for the Warrior and influenza is for the Warrior
    paradise is a mosque for the peace maker
    a toilet is a palace for the Warrior and his entrance is the Rectum
    While pee rim is located in the Sweet Beds of manna tease in the Red Sea Womb
    Warriors abide in the rectum of the whore muse strait
    now i blessed mother Earth with both a Red Sea and a Black Crude Harbor
    if you offend Bushido or your master you shall get a free Cruise to Hormus
    if you bleed as the Red Sea you shall beg for Mercy less we sail in both harbors

  2. when your enemy has identified themselves you shall draw closer to them
    you shall get so close you are naked and making love to them
    A samurai shall draw a circle and two giants shall be bound together by a tight cord
    in marriage to your enemy you shall not leave the circle less you lose your life
    if you lose your life you shall bow and submit to your master and ask to begin anew
    if you are granted new or continued life you shall reenter the circle of life a Newman
    When you are not locked in Deadly Combat you shall be called a Freeman
    Freeman shall be outside the circle of life and death they shall stand with their God
    When they sing they shall be called the Grateful Dead and it shall be as thunder

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